About ViewArea

Close your eyes and imagine you’re back in high school. The teacher just finished a math lesson and erased the whiteboard. Do you see it? Do you see the ghost of writings past? Now the teacher starts writing something else, and the whiteboard is a chaotic mishmash of everything that has ever been written in the history of the whiteboard. 

The whiteboard may have been a step up from the chalkboard, but that mess does not belong in the office! Offices are supposed to be sleek, modern, professional workplaces that boost creativity - a place where everybody wants to be! So, we started making glass whiteboards.They're smooth to write on, erase easily and completely, and always look amazing. We even figured out how to add a metal backing so they could be magnetic

A Fusion of Awesomeness

Whiteboards are handy, but they get boring real quick. What we really wanted was to find a way to make our office more fun and personal, and maybe even to help us feel more creative and inspired. After some experimentation, we discovered that we could add images, lines, and graphics to the backside of glass – and it looked AMAZING!

That's when we started getting really creative. We printed beautiful landscapes, made a new sign for our company, designed calendars and charts, created personal mini-whiteboards to replace sticky notes, and so much more. We combined that direct-to-glass printing capability with custom branding, logos and art, and metal backings, creating a fusion of awesomeness that you can’t get anywhere else. ViewArea was born, and custom-printed magnetic glass whiteboards became a thing – a marvelous thing!

Spreading the Love

Now we’re bringing it to you – to other businesses just like us, who are sick of the cookie-cutter corporate look. We give you the ability to design your own glassboard, literally anything you can imagine, so you can make your office space all your own. It’s what we wanted, so we thought you might want it too! We can even help you with the design. Of course, for those of you who just want a sleek, gorgeous, true white glass whiteboard, or a glassboard that matches your corporate color, we can do that too.

Let us move you along the evolution of the chalkboard and bring you into the modern world of the glass whiteboard!