Installation & Hardware

Flush Mount Hardware Installation Instructions

The flush mount system is 0.79" Diameter x 0.32" tall. The glass is flush against the wall and is very stable. This is not a good option for brick walls or warped walls. This creates a nice, clean looking design for smaller boards up to 3x4'. Although some worry they aren’t strong enough, they do work safely with all glassboard sizes.


Slotted Hardware Installation Instructions

The slotted hardware system is 1.05" Diameter x 0.54" tall. The glass is 0.25" away from the wall. This is the best option for warped walls and brick walls. It’s incredibly easy to install and very forgiving.


Float Mount Hardware Installation Instructions

The float mount system uses a bracket mounted on the back of the glassboard that is completely hidden. It’s easy to install and has no visible hardware. The glass is 0.25" off the wall and is somewhat forgiving with warped walls.