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Glassboards. Glass Art. Glass Signs. and More.

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Magnetic Glassboards have been done before—but never quite like this.


Our glassboards are designed for both beauty and functionality, turning stunning artwork into a usable work surface. No more boring whiteboards for you.


Desktop Doodle Glassboards.

Doodle Glassboards will spice up any boring desk. We print directly on the back of the glass so our artwork is more vibrant than you've ever seen.


Glass Art & Signs.

Bring your brand to life with striking glass signs. Every guest who enters your office will see your custom glass sign, printed in vibrant color, proudly displaying your brand’s image.


Need a little inspiration?

Here are some images to get your mind going. You can print anything you want.

This is the stuff of dreams!

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Sales Tracking Charts

Any design. Any style.

True White Glassboards

Available in 7 standard sizes. Custom sizes available.

Custom Branded
Glass Whiteboards

Your design, or ours.

Calendars Made
of Glass

Ultra-clear. Tempered glass.

Art or Glass Whiteboard?

Why Not Both?