About the Product

What is a Glassboard?

A glassboard functions like a whiteboard, but it’s disguised as art, so it’s basically the coolest thing you could ever have on the wall in your home. Our glassboards never leave behind the ghost of writings past, are super strong, last forever, don't have that greenish tint that other glass has sometimes, and best of all, they look incredibly classy. We print beautiful images on the back of the glass through reverse printing on vinyl. This brings out the brightest colors and the highest quality possible. Our custom printing allows for any image you want to be printed onto ¼-inch thick, ultra-clear, tempered glass for a stunning art piece that will last longer and look better than any other glass print. You can even add a metal backing to make it magnetic. All glassboards come with an easy-to-use template, making installation a breeze!

Is it Magnetic?

During the manufacturing process we apply a sheet of metal to the backside of the glass so that magnets react with it through the glass. Since magnets need to be able to penetrate through the thickness of the glass you will need magnets and magnetic accessories made specifically for magnetic glass whiteboards—typically called “rare-earth magnets,” or “neodymium magnets.”

Our magnets and magnetic marker holders are made specifically for this purpose and are available by clicking here. If we don’t have just what you’re looking for, search the Internet for “magnets for glass whiteboards” and you’ll find many to choose from.

Note that regular refrigerator magnets do not have the strength to penetrate through the glass.

Commitment to Quality

We're committed to developing the highest quality product we can. Each piece of glass is inspected thoroughly, multiple times, and each image is carefully inspected by one of our graphic designers to ensure that the print is extremely clear and sharp so it will look great from any distance.

Will it Break?

The glass we use is incredibly durable because it is ¼-inch thick and tempered. It takes a lot to break or even chip it, and it is resistant to scratches from typical everyday usage. See for yourself!