Custom Desktop Doodle Glassboards

Doodle Glassboards will spice up any boring desk. We print directly on the back of the glass so our artwork is more vibrant than you've ever seen.

Desktop Doodle Glassboards

Available in 9" x 12" and 13.5" x 18".

Your very own, personal glass whiteboard is now right on your desktop. On a phone call and need to jot down a number? Have someone in your office and want to draw a picture to explain a concept? This is the answer! Brand it or decorate it any way you want and be front and center.

● 1/4" Ultra-clear, Low-iron, Tempered Glass

● Custom Printed Image in full-color

● 3/4" Flush-Mount Brushed Stainless Steel Standoffs

● Non-slip feet keep it in place on your desk

● Eco-friendly. End the Post-It Note madness and save a lot of paper!



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