How a Personalized Workspace Impacts Your Employees

How a Personalized Workspace Impacts Your Employees

Most workspaces are designed with simple efficiency in mind. Of course, what is efficient for one company doesn’t necessarily work for another, and so there is a wide range of office designs out there. But there is one thing that is good for all businesses—personalization of employee workspaces. Some companies have tried to do away with personalization for one reason or another; they may be trying out the trend of “hot desking,” where workers have no assigned space, or they may simply want to get rid of personal items that they view as extra clutter in the workspace.

But personalization in the workplace is extremely important to your workers. So here’s a look at exactly how the option to personalize their workspaces impacts your employees, as well as your business.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Your employees’ satisfaction with their jobs directly impacts your bottom line. With that in mind, you should do everything possible to keep your workers happy with their jobs. Workspace personalization is such a simple and effective way to do this. Several studies have indicated that the ability to personalize one’s space at work is directly linked with satisfaction with the physical work environment and job satisfaction.

Why? Simply put, being able to put a personal touch on your workspace gives you a sense of identity in what could otherwise be a very anonymous office space. It also helps individuals to feel more at home in their work environments, which can help them to feel more relaxed and happier while they’re at work.

Reduced Stress and Improved Mental Health

Some studies have shown that the ability to personalize your own space can provide an individual with a sense of personal control. This helps to reduce stress and can go so far as to enhance overall mental health.

The reason for this connection is obvious: When we feel as if everything is out of our control, feelings of anxiety will always arise. Even a small amount of control—something as simple as being able to put a plant on your desk or a picture on your wall—can help to reduce those stress signals and make a person feel more in control of their environment and their life.

Increased Productivity

Productivity can be influenced by a number of factors, many of which will be beyond your control. But you may be surprised to learn that simply allowing your workers to personalize their work spaces can provide you with a productivity boost throughout your company, as compared to not allowing any personalization. Why is this?


Well, look at the impacts we’ve already mentioned. First, job satisfaction has an enormous effect on how productive an employee is. The more satisfied they are in their work, the more focused and productive they will be. Unsatisfied employees are more likely to be found wasting time or working slowly, simply because they don’t want to be there.

Similarly, reduced stress has a direct effect on your employees’ productivity. When employees are battling with feelings of anxiety, they’re more easily distracted and can struggle to focus on work. By allowing them to personalize their workspaces, you improve your workers’ levels of job satisfaction and reduce their stress levels—both of which help them to be more productive workers for your business.

Greater Company Loyalty

Who wants to be loyal to a company that treats you like a cog in the machine? Workers like to know that their employers appreciate them, not just as numbers on a spreadsheet, but as individuals with a unique sense of identity. If you attempt to turn every workspace into a carbon copy of each other, your employees will feel that you’re trying to do the same to them.

By allowing them to create a personalized workspace, you’re letting them know that you appreciate what they bring to your company—not just their skills, but their personalities as well. And when you’re loyal to your employees’ sense of identity, they’ll be loyal to you in return, which means less turnover in your workforce and, yes, greater productivity once again.

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