4 Decorating Ideas for Small Conference Rooms

4 Decorating Ideas for Small Conference Rooms

Conference rooms need to be functional, but they should also have a certain amount of style. This space is used for meeting with potential investors, customers, and business partners, so you want to make the right kind of impression. But when you don’t have the space for a big, lavish conference room with a sprawling conference table for twenty, you might be pressed to find ways to add a professional style to your tiny meeting space. Here are just 4 ideas you can try.

Add Style Overhead

The lighting in your conference room can be used to make a statement as much as any wall space. So take a moment to look up. What kind of lighting is your ceiling currently sporting? Flickering, outdated fluorescent bulbs? That’s hardly a professional look. So look into swapping those lights out for something a bit more professional looking.

If you want something sleek and unobtrusive, high-efficiency LED light panels could do the trick. They’ll blend nicely with your ceiling for a very high-end corporate look. And the higher-efficiency bulbs will use less electricity, so that this upgrade will eventually pay for itself. If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a unique personality, consider statement piece lighting. This could mean hanging a row of modern-looking pendant lights along the length of your table, or perhaps a contemporary chandelier.

The lighting you choose should go well with your company’s image and overall decorating style in the office. But all in all, it’s a great way to dress up a small space without taking up valuable wall space or square footage.

Use Glass Walls

If you can, taking down the one or two walls of your conference room and replacing them with glass can go a long way towards opening up your meeting space. The glass will help to open up the view and let more light in, which can make a room feel a lot bigger without adding any square footage. And, it’s a very modern design feature that you can find in many offices today.

Style High Shelves

The reachable wall space in a tiny conference room is usually reserved for projector screens or whiteboards and glassboards. But what about that section of wall above your glassboard? If it’s blank and boring, you can use that space to add some style to your room. Just add a long shelf on one wall, or a shelf that runs around the entire room. You can then style this shelf according to your brand’s image and personality.

You can place business awards here, pictures from the company retreat, or unique and trendy sculptures if that suits your style. It’s a great way to add décor to a wall without having to sacrifice the functional space that you seem to have so little of.

Combine Art and Function

Most people who decorate a small conference space struggle to balance the need to include art in the room with the need for functional items like glassboards. But what if you could combine the two? Glassboards from ViewArea combine art and function in a totally unique way. By printing an image directly on the back of a glassboard, you can have a unique and stunning work of art that fills an entire wall in your conference room and is exactly suited to your brand’s identity.

But that statement piece doubles as a functional brainstorming surface, because it can still be used as a glassboard. Just grab the right shade of dry erase marker, and you can put notes, charts, and Venn diagrams all over that beautiful landscape. And when the meeting is done, erase the notes from the glass and leave a great piece of artwork behind. It’s an ideal solution for small meeting spaces that need both style and functionality.

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