4 Multifunctional Pieces You Need in Your Office

4 Multifunctional Pieces You Need in Your Office

Office spaces seem to keep getting smaller. With the cost of business real estate rising, businesses can afford fewer and fewer square feet for their companies—and that’s especially true for new startups. With that reduced square footage, it’s important that you make the most out of the office space that you do have, and that means every fixture in your office should provide you with optimum efficiency. Here are 4 multifunctional pieces that you should consider putting in your office to maximize the use of your office space.

Multifunctional Desk

Many office desks are designed for the sole purpose of providing an individual with a workspace. That’s great if you have plenty of square footage to dedicate to one person’s needs. But if you need a space to do double duty, then the furniture you put in it needs to do the same. Instead of opting for a standard desk, purchase one that can be used as both a desk and a table.

While these desks might not have the convenient built-in drawers, you can easily solve that problem with a rollaway filing cabinet. In exchange for that small adjustment, you’ll get a desk that will function for your personal workspace needs as well as any meetings you might have. This is essential for small companies that don’t necessarily have the square footage for a dedicated conference room. Your desk can double as a conference table for meetings with new clients or brainstorming sessions with your team.

If you really want to improve the multifunctionality of your space, you can even opt for an adjustable desk or table. This allows you to choose your working (or meeting) position, so that you can switch from sitting to standing as needed throughout the day.

Rolling Room Dividers

Open seating plans are pretty popular in businesses these days, but sometimes, you just need a little more privacy. Rather than paying for a space with both open areas and private areas, you can purchase simple room dividers that can easily be pulled out or stored away as needed. This allows you to section off portions of your space for meetings or for more focused work that requires minimal distractions.

When it’s time to open up the space again to facilitate better communication and collaboration with your team members, the dividers can be rolled away and pushed against a wall, where they take up minimal space. These simple dividers will allow your existing office space to adapt to your business’s changing needs, so that you can maximize your office’s potential.

These dividers can also be used to create semi-permanent cubicles, which you can remove, adjust, or add as needed, as your team continues to grow and change with your business.

Seating with Storage

Too much square footage is given to storage these days. Businesses dedicate entire rooms to it, in some cases. But when your space is small, you have to get creative with your storage solutions—like opting for seating that also offers storage space. There are a lot of different furniture pieces out there that offer hidden storage. The trouble is, few of them are designed for the office.

Of course, you could still make use of benches and ottomans with hidden storage compartments. After all, your office likely has a small lounge area where this type of furniture would be appropriate. But what about the actual work area? Well, remember that rollaway filing cabinet we mentioned earlier? Why not utilize that as a portable seating option for impromptu meetings at your desk?

If the filing cabinet is sturdy and built of quality materials, it’s perfectly capable of supporting a person’s weight. Add a comfortable cushion to the top of it, and you have a seat that you can easily roll out from under your desk when a visitor steps into your office. Put a couple of these in your space, and you can store your files, manuals, documents, and even your personal items while also providing added seating.

Decorative Glassboards

Every office needs surfaces on which to brainstorm, take meeting notes, or draw the occasional doodle. But every office also needs a touch of style as well. No matter how small your office is, a few pieces of artwork or stylized images can go a long way towards branding your office space and creating an inviting work environment. So, if your office needs both style and function, but you have limited wall space, it makes sense to choose a piece that fulfills both of these needs.

Our glassboards at ViewArea are created to provide you with a high-quality surface for all of your brainstorming, notetaking, and doodling needs, while also giving your space that much-needed, stylish flair. You can design your own glassboard using an image of your choice for a truly personal touch in your office. Or, create a glassboard that is branded with your business’s name and logo for the wall in your shared office space.

These boards provide you with the multifunctionality that a small, modern business like yours needs. So if you need to make the most of small office space, check out our gallery or try out our design tool to create a custom glassboard for your business.