Custom Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

Our glassboards are designed for both beauty and
functionality, turning stunning artwork into a usable work surface. No more boring whiteboards for you.

Custom-printed Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

Designed to act as both a whiteboard and as artwork we call it “Fucntional Art!”

Your custom image is printed on the back of crystal-clear, tempered glass, then given a magnetic backing to make your whiteboard, well, magnetic. And unlike traditional whiteboards, your glassboard will erase completely—no ghosts of meetings past—and will not scratch and show wear with day-to-day use. Your glassboard will look as sleek and beautiful in 10 years as it does on day one. (If only the rest of us could age so beautifully…) These glassboards are the perfect fusion of form and function, if we do say so ourselves!

●  1/4" Ultra-clear, Low-iron, Tempered Glass

●  Custom Printed Image (Plain white is available upon request too.)

●  Metal Backing for magnetic function

●  3/4" Flush-Mount, Brushed Stainless Steel Standoffs

What type of magnets work on a "Magnetic Glass Whiteboard?"

During the manufacturing process we apply a sheet of metal to the backside of the glass so that magnets react with it through the glass. Since magnets need to be able to penetrate through the thickness of the glass you will need magnets and magnetic accessories made specifically for magnetic glass whiteboards—typically called “rare-earth magnets,” or “neodymium magnets.”

Our magnets and magnetic marker holders are made specifically for this purpose and are available by clicking here. If we don’t have just what you’re looking for, search the Internet for “magnets for glass whiteboards” and you’ll find many to choose from.

Note that regular refrigerator magnets do not have the strength to penetrate through the glass.

Magnetic Glassboard


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