About ViewArea Draft

We weren’t always this awesome. We started out by making good, old-fashioned glassboards, just like the other guys.

Until someone finally said, “Glassboards are really freaking boring.” And of course, they were right. Our boards looked just like everybody else’s—and so did our offices. So we decided to do something about it.

A Fusion of Awesomeness

We took those boring glassboards and started looking for ways to make them less snooze-worthy. We started out by covering the metal backing with vinyl, giving the glassboards colored or textured backgrounds. But that wasn’t good enough.

Then Bill—our CEO and a pretty cool guy—started looking around and noticing that people were already printing stuff directly on the glass of these boards. It was boring stuff, like patient information forms for hospital rooms, but it sparked an idea. What if I printed other stuff directly onto the glass? Fun, awesome, totally unique stuff?

We combined that direct-to-glass printing capability with custom images and art, and we came up with a fusion of awesomeness that you can’t get from other glassboard companies. And ViewArea was born.


Our Greedy Employees

Once we had our new idea totally operational, every person in our office wanted a piece of it. Those greedy suckers all wanted their own boards, so we started letting them design their own. Bill got his Storm Trooper board for all those important meetings. Nate got a photo of his favorite fishing spot as the backdrop for his creative brainstorming sessions.

And we realized—this is what people need. So we brought it to you, to other small businesses just like us who are sick of the cookie-cutter, corporate look. We give you the ability to design your own glassboard, from board size to background image to company logo, so you can make your office space all your own. It’s what we wanted, so we thought you might want it too.

We don’t like to brag (okay, yes we do), but we think we’re just flat-out better than the other guys. If you put us to the test, we’re pretty confident that you’ll see why.